Airbnb Travel Hacking – Double Sign Up Bonus – FREE $40 USD or $58 CAD Travel Credit


Please read the entire post before you begin the sign up process, it will make things more clear and easier.

For a very limited time, take advantage of this special Travel Hack and get double the regular sign-up bonus on Airbnb!  Instead of getting the regular $20 USD, or $29 CAD in free credits when you first sign-up for an Airbnb account using my refer-a-friend link, sign-up through this new link and you’ll get $40 USD or $58 CAD (twice as much)!

Because this promotion is targeted towards the Chinese market, you must sign-up through the Chinese website, but there are instructions below to bypass this.

For those who haven’t used Airbnb yet, it’s a website where you can rent unique accommodations around the world from local hosts, including some incredibly popular areas such as Las Vegas, Hawaii, Paris, New York & basically anywhere else worldwide!  Find something through Airbnb that’s better, bigger, and/or more central for cheaper than your traditional hotel that you’d book otherwise!  If you’re looking to go on any vacation, anywhere in the world, definitely check Airbnb first!  I’ve used it myself for a short stay in Las Vegas, and it was central, convenient, cheap and luxurious and will use it again for my next vacation in Hawaii!

You can bypass the Chinese language barrier since the Airbnb page layout is exactly the same (Chinese instead of English) so you can either:

TIP: Skip the ones you can skip and do it later!

Use the screenshots provided as reference(click to enlarge):

airbnb-promo-1airbnb-promo-2airbnb-promo-2 airbnb-promo-phone  airbnb-promo-4 airbnb-promo-5 airbnb-promo-6airbnb-promo-skip

Or open up two browsers, open up Chinese version in one, and then the English version in the other and use it as reference, or us Google Translate on Google Chrome. Do not change the language to English until you finished signing-up or else you will get $29 free credits instead of $59.

Once you sign up, the free credits will be in your account, and you can go back to the Airbnb website in your local language, and use it for booking anywhere in the world.

Any questions feel free to post on the comments here and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Click here to sign-up and get your free $58 CAD travel credit (Chinese page).

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