Why All Trips Become “Groupon Trips”!

Groupon Vouchers Ray Lauren

Lauren from Groupon, Raymond from JustVegasDeals

I like to travel a lot, and Las Vegas is one of my favourite destinations.  As a deal hunter, I like get the best value for my money.  I book my flights when there are seat sales, book and re-book my hotels if there’s a better promotion, and check out Groupon every day to see what kind of deals are available.  I’ve coined this as my “Groupon Trips”, where I try to fill all my meals and activities with Groupon vouchers, and Las Vegas is probably the city with the most options available!

During my most recent 6-day Vegas trip in January 2014, attending a conference for bloggers and internet marketers (Affiliate Summit), I had the privilege of meeting up with representatives from Groupon, and our conversation eventually lead to whether I used Groupons or not.  This is when I reached into my bag and brought out a stack of Groupons I purchased, printed, and planned on using for the trip!  Here’s the breakdown of what me and a friend used during my last trip and how much we saved!

Restaurant and Buffet Deals:

Total Spent: $210.99 ($411.98 value)
Total Savings: $200.99

Activity and Entertainment Deals:

Total Spent: $307 ($777 value)
Total Savings: $470

So by planning all my meals and activities ahead, I managed to save $670.99!  The best part of all of this is that most of the restaurants and activities are highly rated, we would’ve eaten at most of these places, and done most of these activities at full price anyways!  So for your next trip, whether in Las Vegas or anywhere else, try to plan ahead, see what Groupon deals are available, and hopefully you can save as much as I did on your very own “Groupon Trip”!

Click here to check out all of Groupon’s Las Vegas deals.

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