Expedia.com Cyber Monday 2016 – Up to 90% OFF


Cyber Monday has finally arrived for Expedia.com, and if it was anything like last year, be prepared to save a lot of money, or get incredibly frustrated.  Expedia’s Cyber Monday offer is 90% OFF select hotels every hour, on the hour.  However, they’re being secretive right now and it doesn’t look like any details will be released until right before or during the start time of 9:00am PST.

This is an APP only promotion so download now and get it all set up!  Also, if it’s like the Black Friday promotion, dates will only be valid until March 31, 2017!

If you can get one of these hotels, this will be the best deal out of the year, but you can’t even hesitate for one second or you won’t get it.  I suggest you get all your credit card and hotel info prepared on your Expedia.com account right away.

To get full details of the Cyber Monday promotion, CLICK HERE!  Start reloading the screen once it near’s 9AM, and when you see the changes, don’t stop until you have it booked!

This page will be updated with more information as I get it.

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