Hotel Quickly Promo Codes: $52 Free for Hotels!

Get $52 free on your next Hotel Quickly App booking and also a bonus extra 5% off!  The world of hotel booking is becoming extremely competitive and everyday, better and cheaper deals are coming out!  With the new Hotel Quickly app on your iOS, Android, or Blackberry device, you are able to get incredible discounts on last minute rooms!  Because an unsold hotel room loses money for hotels, what they do is release last minute rooms at rock bottom prices instead of leaving them empty!  The Hotel Quickly App lets you snag these rooms from the comfort and safety of your mobile device.

Right now, last-minute hotels are available at the following countries:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Vietnam
  • Macau
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Cambodia

I’ve compared the rates with Expedia and most of them are very good, and combined with the free credits, you get some pretty amazing rates.  Hotels for the USA will be out shortly.

To get the $52 and 5% Free off your next booking, follow these steps:

1) Download the Hotel Quickly app on your mobile device
2) After signing up, redeem the following Hotel Quickly Promo Codes in this order:

  • QDEAL: $15 Credit
  • HQAWARDS: $5 Credit
  • USANDUS: $26 Credit (For USA hotels only – will appear shortly)
  • SNYBPB: $11 Credit

Credits will be applied automatically after you’ve selected the hotel.  Remember, this is great for those who don’t mind finding a last minute hotel.  You’ll find anything from 1 star all the way up to 5 stars, but for sure, you won’t be disappointed with the prices.

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