Las Vegas Top 10 Best Buffets of 2015


Heading to Las Vegas and trying to figure out which buffet to go to?  Here’s our Las Vegas top 10 best buffets of 2015!  For the list, we’ve considered everything from price, to quality and variety of food!  Which Las Vegas buffet is your favorite?

1. Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

After a $17 million renovation in 2012, Caesar’s Palace buffet soon set the standard for all other buffets after it.  The glamorous buffet inspired grand, Roman-style feasting, yet set in a chic interior.  Bacchanal has now celebrated its anniversary with even more dishes than ever, including varieties of seafood (hot & cold crab legs, ceviche, clams, oysters, shrimp, and so on), multiple seasonal cheeses, soups, and more than 100 pastries.  It even has small stations that let you design many of your own dishes!  If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money trying foreign cuisine you may not enjoy, Bacchanal has several dishes inspired by cultures all over the world you can experience without breaking the bank.  This by far, is one of the best buffets in Vegas to date.  Be aware, the lineups are insane for this buffet.  However, they have a kiosk that prints out a ticket with an entrance time so that instead of waiting in line, you can explore Las Vegas.

2. The Buffet at the Wynn Las Vegas

The Buffet at Wynn is a feast in every sense.  This is where you can enjoy variety of flavors from all over the world in one experience.  It has a wide variety of choices, for example, king crab legs, sushi, a carving station, and plenty of desserts.  Even vegetarians go crazy for this place!  Aside from all the food, your dining experience will surely be memorable here.  This seating area is beautiful, particularly in the garden/atrium where it includes fresh flowers, so it makes for a pleasant and aromatic dining experience.

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3. The Buffet at the Bellagio Las Vegas

The Buffet at the Bellagio is just plain fabulous!  You will be overwhelmed with both the choices of food and the excellence of its preparation.  The selections are awesome either for vegetarian or meat eaters.  There’s an excellent assortment of sushi, cones, and more for you lovers of Japanese food!  This place is a classic and has maintained an unbelievable level of upkeep.  Oh yeah, if you’re up early enough for breakfast and want a buffet, the Bellagio is a must!

4. The Buffet at Aria Resort & Casino

So much food, so much seafood, different multi culture cuisine.  If you decide to stop here for the buffet, make sure you go with an empty stomach and you will enjoy it for sure.  The price compared to most buffets in Vegas shouldn’t break your budget, with lunch starting at $23.99 and dinner at $39.99.  They also have an unlimited beverage option for bottomless mimosas, bloody mary, sangria, and spritzer wines for an additional $12.99.  If you are feeling adventurous and like to try new things, this may just be the buffet for you.

5. M Resort Studio B Buffet

Whatta buffet!  If this was on the Strip, it would definitely be ranked first or second.  It is about 15 minutes south of McCarron Airport off is I-15, but worth the drive if you want a very good buffet experience.  With over 200 items to choose from, it has just about everything you could think of to eat.  The carving stations feature beef and lamb and offers from Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, vegetarian, and seafood for days!  If you have time, or want to treat yourself to a great meal, the StudioB buffet is well worth it.  One of the “must do’s” when visiting Las Vegas.


6. Sterling Brunch Buffet at Bally’s Las Vegas

If this was cheaper, this would definitely top the list!  You can’t call yourself a true brunch lover until you’ve been to Sterling Brunch. A little pricier than other buffets around, but definitely worth the money.  At $85 a pop, come get your endless caviar, filet mignon, lobster tails, sashimi, made to order omelets, oysters and more. Oh, and don’t forget the bottomless Perrier-Jouet Sham-Pag-nuh (champagne).  Truly the brunch of a lifetime.  In a city known for stiff competition for Sunday Brunch, there isn’t one that comes close to Sterling Brunch.  Need I say more?  This one’s definitely worth trying, at least once.

7. Le Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas

Great buffet for half the price of the Wynn and Bellagio buffets!  If you’re looking for a buffet on the strip that offers different experience in both food and presentation, definitely try the buffet at Paris.  The ambiance here sets Le Village apart from other contemporary buffets.  Besides offering the more traditional stuff you’ll see at every buffet, Le Village has French inspired food, (obviously).  For those of you with a sweet tooth, there’s a crepe station, but be forewarned, the crepe line can get pretty long.  If there’s an opening, it might be smart to grab one real quick!  Here’s a quick tip, make a reservation on and skip the lineup!

8. Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Sadly, this buffet has seen better days.  The quality has gone down a little bit, but still deserves a spot on our top 10 list.  This buffet has most of the things we’ve come to expect from a Vegas Buffet.  The options come endless with crab legs, mussels, oysters, chocolate heath bar covered strawberries, and gelato!  If you’re looking at a buffet where you don’t want to over indulge yourself, this may be your type of buffet as most food is served in individual serving dishes so it’s easy to have a nice portion without having the big troughs of food.  The main difference between the Wicked Spoon compared to other buffets.  They may not be the largest buffet in Vegas, but one of the best if you’re more into quality than quantity.  Definitely worth a visit!

9. Carnival World Buffet at Rio Las Vegas

One of the largest buffets in the world with the most variety you’ve ever seen, this buffet continues to be outstanding.  If you’re doing the 24 hour buffet pass or not, you should just have to go here!  Huge selection.  Many varieties.  They offer a large variety of food, including brisket, BBQ chicken, ribs, pho and a carving station that includes turkey, glazed ham, pot roast and so on.  If you decide to stop in, don’t forget to end with some gelato and cheesecake bites!

10. Cravings Buffet at Mirage Las Vegas

Very fun buffet!  If you use MyVegas, you may be able to snag a great deal on this as well for a 2 for 1 deal so it’s half the price.  The buffet also offers unlimited drinks, which is a plus.  Their amazing drink station with many, many selections comes with so many selections it would even suit the pickiest person.  Overall, this buffet may not be the fanciest, but it has a few stellar options!

Honorable Mentions: The Buffet of Buffets at Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas Resorts & Casinos

If you are looking for a great deal and have the time, the Buffet of Buffets is for you. This is a great option, if you feel like pigging out on buffets. It includes multiple buffets located in multiple hotels including Rio, Paris, Planet Hollywood, and other Caesar Entertainment hotels (be sure to use your Total Rewards to get a discount!). The trick is to squeeze in as many meals as possible within 24 hours. Though, the downside is that you may need to accommodate your activities around this, it is seriously the best deal in town for buffets.

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Hungry after reading this, I know I am!  What are are you waiting for?  Head out to Las Vegas and check out one of the our Las Vegas Top 10 Best Buffets of 2015!

Insider Tips
Waiting in Line: Buffet lines can get long so going early or late then the popular times is a way to reduce your wait. Las Vegas tends to be a late-night crowd so going early for brunch can often make a big difference. You can also try to get a line-pass to get in front as a comp if you gamble enough, or are a valued hotel guest. Finally, tipping the hostess has been known to get people in early 🙂

Saving Money: If you go towards the end of the lunch schedule, you can sometimes stay for dinner too and will just pay lunch prices for the more expensive dinner buffets (depends on hotel policy). Going midweek will get you the lowest buffet prices. In addition, you can find great deals (50 percent off or more) if you go to a breakfast buffet instead of dinner or lunch – of course, the selection will be more limited.

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