$50 Off $100 at Vegas.com using Visa Checkout


Get $50 OFF a minimum of $100 spend at Vegas.com using Visa Checkout
!  Any credit card will work with Visa Checkout, a Visa is not required nor necessary!
  This promotion works with everything on Vegas.com including hotels, shows, attractions, packages and more!  However, this Visa Checkout promotion is not valid for use on gift card purchases.  This promotion will also stack with any other promotion valid on Vegas.com!

This promotion expires March 31, 2015 and there is no limit on the number of times you can use it, so to get the best value, book your orders separately.  This means book hotels 1 day at a time and shows 1 ticket at a time!  As long as your total minimum is $100(after tax), the promotion will be applied on each order!

For hotel bookings, if you book multiple orders, combine your nights when you check in at the hotels, so that you won’t have to check in and out.

For show bookings, if you require multiple tickets on popular shows such as MJ One, “O”, Le Reve, Absinthe or others will require slightly more work.  Because you are assigned seating prior to adding your item to the cart, you know which seat you’ll get right away.  Simply open another browser and add to cart at the same time and you’ll be able to book your seats together.  For example, if you need 2 tickets to Absinthe, open up IE and select date/time you want and add 1 ticket to cart, and it’ll show you what seat you’ll get.  At the same time, open up Chrome, and do the same thing, and before you checkout, just make sure the seats are together.

To book:

Step 1: Click here or through any of our links and the promotion will be automatically applied!

Step 2: Upon the checkout screen, where it says “MY CART” at the top left corner, sign up and login to Visa Checkout and login.

Step 3: Click on the “Continue” button when prompted to “Continue to Vegas.com to complete your purchase”.

Step 4: You should be able to see the $50 OFF now, so just finish enter your details and enjoy!

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