Earn Free Las Vegas Buffets, Rooms & More with Social Rewards

With myVEGAS slowly depreciating their rewards, it’s time you learned about Caesars Entertainment Social Rewards.  This is a simple program where you use your social programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, and simply share or post to earn points.  These points translate to reward credits.  Essentially, 1000 points = 1000 Rewards Credits = $10 credit for Caesars properties!  This includes Caesars Palace, Paris, Planet Hollywood, the LINQ, and all the other Caesars properties you love and visit every trip!   You can use the credits for dining such as buffet, hotel rooms, the spa and more!   You basically treat it as cash, and the best part is, because you’re using comps, you save on the tax as well!  I currently have $516.80 worth of points!

Caesars Entertainment Social Rewards only takes 10 minutes to set up, and less than 10 minutes a week and you can earn unlimited FREE comps with Caesars Entertainment, not only in Las Vegas but anywhere else they have hotels such as Windsor and other cities.  Starting from February 2013, I already have earned over $800 worth of credits that can be used at any of their properties.  Although not as rewarding as before, you can still earn about $200-240 tax-free reward credits per year, per person!

Much like the myVEGAS Slots game, Caesars Social Rewards is based on social networking.  You’ll need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Google accounts to participate.  You only need 1 of the above, but the more you have, the faster you earn!

To save time, I do this while I’m auto-spinning on myVEGAS to earn twice the comps!  Also, since this is so easy to do, open up another browser and help your significant other do their shares at the same time!

Here’s the Step by Step Guide:

1) If you have a Total Rewards Card, proceed to step 2. If not, sign up now here http://www.totalrewards.com (Join Now on top right corner)

2) Sign up for Social Rewards (Register on top right corner)

3) Login to Social Rewards and connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google accounts.  You don’t need them all,  but having more means you earn faster.


4) Now you can start earning points, which translate into rewards.  Navigate to each of the properties by clicking on the hotel icon starting from Bally’s.  Don’t forget, there’s one more when you click the arrow.

a) You get 3 shares per day, just go around clicking shares/likes/etc and starting answering questions and you’ll be accumulating points.

b) Everything counts as 1 share, with the exception of videos in the Tube Rewards section, as well as Google Likes, as well as the Connect Rewards so do these sections first!

c) When you are done one property, navigate to the next one and repeat until you are done.  Repeat the next calendar day!

5) When you have at least 1000 points (Total of all properties), you are able to redeem.  Just click on “Redeem”, and follow instructions.  I recommend redeeming Total Reward Credits, as you can use them in multiple places/properties.  Reward Credits are treated as cash so you may combine coupons with them as well.


a) Watch the videos while you’re doing something else to save time or it ends up being quite tedious.

b) Although you are only allowed 1 account per person, if you have a partner/spouse/family member, you can do it for them at the same time too!  Just open up another browser!  Earn the comps twice as fast!

c) My favorite places to use the credits are for the Buffet of Buffets, Hash House a Go Go(combined with coupon) and Earl’s of Sandwich!

d) For a full list of places where you can use these credits, click here!

If you need help setting up Twitter, or have any questions or problems, we have a support group on Facebook here: Caesars Entertainment Social Rewards Guide

Click here to sign up for a Total Rewards account.

Click here to sign up for a Caesars Entertainment Social Rewards account.

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