Minus5 Ice Bar Coupon 2015: Free Shot with Entry


Visit Minus5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas and enjoy one of the coolest experiences in your life.  Use this Minus5 coupon and get a free shot with entry!  Located at the Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, see the bar that’s made entirely of Canadian ice!  From the furniture you sit on, to the glasses you drink from, it’ll be an experience you won’t forget.  Simply print out this coupon and show present it when you purchase your ticket and you will be eligible for the free shot.  Limit 1 coupon per person.

“Named for its constant frosty temperature (minus 5 degrees Celsius or 23 degrees Fahrenheit), the ice lounge lets you explore intricately handcrafted sculptures and architecture made from 100% pure Canadian ice. Everything that surrounds you is pure, crystal-clear glacial ice, from the seats to the cocktail glasses.”

Click here to print your 2015 Minus5° Free Shot coupon

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