Las Vegas Top 10 Kids Activities & Attractions


As a child, my parents brought me to Las Vegas several times for family vacations.   You might hear things like Las Vegas isn’t for children, or there’s nothing for kids to do in Las Vegas so leave them at home.  I can tell you that some of my best childhood memories are from our Vegas trips.  Whether just exploring and checking out sites like the Mirage Volcano, or winning plush dolls at Circus Circus, there is definitely many things for kids to do, and if you plan your trip well, they’ll have just as much fun as you.  Here are our top 10 kids activities in Las Vegas.

1. Adventuredome

An entire 5-acre indoor theme park devoted to the underage crowd exists on the Las Vegas strip in the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino.  No matter what the weather you can spend a fun-filled family day riding the corkscrew Canyon Blaster, swinging in the large Sand Pirates ship, spinning on the Disk’O, watching one of multiple 4-D movies, playing laser tag, and more.  With rides ranging from toddler joy to premium thrill, there is something for everyone.   Each ride can be purchased individually or you can buy an all-day pass for unlimited access to everything, $27.95 for adults, $16.95 for children 33-47” tall, and free for those under 33” with a paying adult.

2. Excalibur Midway/Circus Circus Midway/Coney Island Emporium

The most popular arcade and carnival-type attractions are displayed together because they are all similar barrels of fun for the little ones.  Try your hand at popping balloons, competing with your child in a race, trying to get the ping pong ball in the glass, and more to build up your stock of stuffed animals and toys- kid favorites!  Adults and children alike can also play arcade games to earn tickets toward prize redemption.  Each game is priced individually, but some are so easy to win there’s no way you’re walking away empty handed!

3. Las Vegas Strip Attractions

There are many things for kids to do on the Las Vegas Strip.  From the massive hotels they can explore, to the free attractions they can see, there’s something for kid’s of all ages to keep them occupied.  A few of the better ones for kids would include the Bellagio Fountains, the Volcano at the Mirage, the Sirens of TI, and of course the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo.  Best part of all, all these activities are absolutely free!

4. Afternoon comedy shows- Mac King Comedy Show/Popovich Comedy Pet Theater – use promo code MYCV50 for 50% off tickets

What better place to take your children than afternoon shows designed for family friendliness?  Mac King contains a mix of comedy and magic and is a top-rated magician by many sources.  He will awe your family as he swallows goldfish and performs the most amazing magic tricks with no evidence of foul play.  What child doesn’t love animals?  The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater at the Miracle Mile Shops is full of rescued dogs and cats that are trained to do tricks.  Not only does your family get to witness the cutest show in Las Vegas, they are also contributing to the well-being of abandoned animals.

5. Tournament of Kings

Enjoy dinner and a show in one swoop while cheering for your assigned knight.  Dinner includes tomato soup, a whole chicken, broccoli, potatoes, and a pastry all without the use of silverware!  Why?  Because there was no silverware in medieval times- but apparently unlimited Pepsi was the drink of choice.  Your family will sit in one of the designated countries and while enjoying your meal you will watch the games unfold in the arena before you.  With live horses, medieval details, and the must-have villain, this action packed show keeps your children mesmerized.

6. Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat

The entire family can enjoy the serene atmosphere of Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat located on the Mirage Hotel & Casino property.  Greet the dolphins as you walk in to the open walkways surrounded by pools and lush greenery that is the Dolphin Habitat.  Watch them swim around, do jumps, and even witness a dolphin training session.  Take the ramp down below to see the dolphins in action under water and capture the most amazing photos.  When you’re ready for a change, move along to the back where you can find the Secret Garden complete with a sanctuary of wild cats such as white tigers and leopards, almost close enough to touch.  Admission is $19.95 for adults, $14.95 for children 4-12, and free for children 3 and under.

7. Shark Reef

Experience 1.6 million gallons of natural wonders in the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.  In addition to the sea of sharks, you and your family can also witness other sea creatures such as the endangered sea turtle, jellyfish, and the rare golden crocodile.  There are a total of over 2,000 animals housed in this attraction for all ages to experience and learn.  Who knew education could be so fun?  Adult admission is $18, children 5-12 are $12, and children 4 and under are free.

8. M&M World

With 4 stories of amazing M&M color and every type of M&M themed memorabilia imaginable, your kids won’t stop talking about their trip to the fascinating M&M World conveniently located on the Las Vegas Strip.  Take a free picture with an M&M right outside the store, even with a different color each day!  The second floor features a rainbow wall of chocolate goodness featuring every color of M&M imaginable all sold by the pound.  Once you get to the 3rd floor, not only can you make your own personalized M&M’s, but you can also see the free 3-D movie “I Left My M in Vegas” featuring Red and Yellow as they desperately search for Red’s lost “M” logo.  No matter what your purpose, to shop or not, the store is an attraction in itself and can’t be missed.

9. Coca-Cola Store

Who doesn’t love anything Coca Cola?  Outfitted with a larger than life 2-story Coke bottle for an entrance, you walk into the world of Coca-Cola featuring logo merchandise everywhere.  From home goods to apparel, trinkets to bottle skins, there is definitely something for everyone to take home as a souvenir.  Make your way up to the Coca Cola bar to experience Coca-Cola drinks and floats from around the world or just to pick up your favorite cold, refreshing Coke.  If you get lucky, you may have the opportunity to get your photo taken with the Coca-Cola bear himself!

10. Las Vegas Thrill Rides at the Stratosphere

For the older children in your pack who are into thrills and action, check out the top of the Stratosphere tower.  You not only get a gorgeous, complete view of the Las Vegas strip, but you can partake in death-defying rides that fling, spin, and drop you over the edge of the tallest tower in the west.  There are various packages available depending on how much thrill you can take that vary from $22 for one ride to $34 for an all-day pass.  This would be much higher on the list if it weren’t for the age limitation.

Bonus. Wet ‘n’ Wild

While the resort pool areas of the hotels in Las Vegas are much better than your average hotel pool, if you are looking for even more water-filled thrills than what your hotel has to offer, Wet ‘n’ Wild is a great place to take your family for the day.  It is a brand new water park with 25 rides and attractions located just 10 miles west of the strip.  With warmer than average temperatures year-round and very little rain, this is a great spot for most vacations.  This would be near the top of the list but due the location, it’s not readily accessible by many families on vacation.


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