10 Tips to Save Money in Las Vegas


Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Here’s 10 proven tips that will help cut costs and save you money on your next vacation to Las Vegas.

1. Plan your trip before you go. You can save big if you research and plan your trip ahead. Vegas offer lots of terrific deals if you do your homework.  Have you checked Groupon.com, LivingSocial.com or other discount sites? You can save big with off 50% deals on hotel rooms, show tickets, restaurants, buffets, popular tourist attractions, helicopter rides, etc…

2. Most people visit Las Vegas from Thursday-Sunday. Flights and Hotels charge a huge premium during these days. You can save big if you visit Las Vegas from Monday-Thursday. Plus you can avoid the crowd and don’t have to wait in line for anything.

3. Check Groupon, Living Social and Restaurants.com for food discounts. Some establishments will set a minimum spend value; choose wisely, tip decent and you might save more than 30%. These sites might also help you find things to do or snag show tickets. Speaking of shows there are plenty vendors that are trying to fill their quota so day of show tickets may come cheap, haggle here.

4. Bring snacks, you may find that buffets are reasonably priced but overload on one and you could feel bloated the rest of the trip; add heat and you’re bound to not have fun.

5. Take a hike. Everyone complains that they can only do a few days in Las Vegas. Well, take a hike to Red Rocks Canyon just 30 minutes West of the Strip. With multiple hikes at different difficulties, it’s right for anyone. Be sure to bring water.

6. Go off the strip. Everything on the Vegas Strip is expensive. Visit Fairmont Street, the Outlet Malls or Chinatown.

7. Bring your ID with you wherever you go. Student, military and senior discounts are out there be sure to bring it. Even if you’ve been out of school for a while.

8. The strip has a very nice open container law on the strip. Plan a night to walk the strip and pack your own drinks and mixers into your bag. Remember to buy your alcohol at local grocery stores to avoid paying $10 drinks.

9. Avoid slot machines. There is no advantage you on slots it all goes to the house. Smart way to gamble if you do is to play black jack. If you don’t know how casino offer learning times for black jack, Roulette and Craps. If you gamble, gamble smart.

10. Sign up for your casinos free players card with a throw away email address. Offers on food, drink and playing are there but the card does help to say you plan on coming back. The old ways of drinks while gambling are gone and even pit bosses won’t jump to comp you anything unless you’re consistently betting more than $75-$100 a hand.


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